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Thread: changes in milk when drying up?

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    Default changes in milk when drying up?

    I have a 19 mo. old Ds who now only nurses from my left breast. I think it was part his preference and then ease of me and not really paying attention to switching breast. Anyway, my question is this...I have been trying to get him to nurse from the right side again..he will latch on and start to nurse and then look at me like "what is wrong with it mommy?" I noticed that the color is more yellow, the consistency is thicker and the taste is a little salty, not sweet. Is this normal for a breast that has not been "in use" and how do I get it back to normal if I cant get him to nurse on it?

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    Default Re: changes in milk when drying up?

    are you ready to wean?
    Sometimes I was able to trick my dd into taking the breast she didn't like by nursing her when she was very sleepy.

    Going on with just nursing with one breast is just fine also...

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    Default Re: changes in milk when drying up?

    I have heard the milk can get more salty when it starts to dry up, but also can get salty when you have an infection or become pg.

    As Andrea said, you can nurse out of one breast just fine and not worry about the other one. But if you're wanting to change that then you could always try pumping the other side to build up your supply.

    Personally once my DS hit that age I didn't care which breast he went for, he mostly nurses on left side and occasionally on right side. At this point for us it's mostly comfort so I just let him do as he pleases with the sides.

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    Not really ready to wean, the rest of my kids pretty much self-weaned, though I am planning on night weaning this summer. I normally wouldnt mind that he only eats on one breast, it is just that he has all the sudden changed his latch and it is becoming painful sometimes and now there is a blister on that nipple, so I thought maybe I could get him interested in the other breast again. When i noticed that the milk was a different consistency and tasted salty, i was just wondering if that was normal. No chance of being pregnant and the breast doesnt seem engorged or sore like an infection would be there. I just wanted to know if the change in milk was normal when it hasnt been in use for awhile. I thought of pumping, but I gave away my pump after child #3 cause I just never used it. This seems to be the first issue in 4 kids that I hadnt dealt with prior, so any additional help would be appreciated. Also, how do you teach them to latch differently at this age? I keep unlatching him and relatching, but he goes back to the same suck. He has a huge mouthful of teeth and I think he is trying to sippy cup my nipple, ouch! I have tried offering him the other breast at night when he wakes, he will start then spit it out and reach for the other breast. Cant fool him. Okay thank you for the replies and any additional ideas or information about the change in milk, normal or not, I would appreciate.

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    Default Re: changes in milk when drying up?

    You could always try to hand express from that side to get it "back in business" so to speak.

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