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Thread: weaning .. no milk left. Toddler asks for it.

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    Default weaning .. no milk left. Toddler asks for it.

    DD is almost 22 months.. I am 10 weeks pregnant and my milk is almost gone I think. I don't see or hear her swallow anymore and she seems frustrated after nursing. My nipples are extrememly sore and nursing is super painful.. she was only nursing 3 times a day when I got pregnant and I have since got her down to once a day... but she asks all the time!!!! More than normal because she is working on the 2 year molars... Its just too painful and there is nothing in there. I don't know what to tell her. Its all gone? Its all done? How do I explain this to an almost 2 year old . I don't know how much longer I can let her nurse once a day. I dread it because its so painful. I have horrid morning sickness too so I am suffereing from that too.
    She is an easy going baby but I know she is teething and frustrated the milk isn't there. What can I do to ease this transition for her?
    My plan to wean was to wait till its a bit warmer out and distract her with playing outside ( her favorite thing) but its still pretty cold here in the northeast.

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    Default Re: weaning .. no milk left. Toddler asks for it.

    Just wanted to give you a and - and congrats on baby #2!
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