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    I've basically nursed my 12 month old to sleep from the beginning, every so often he will fall asleep in the stroller or car but for the most part he nurses to sleep before his naps and at nighttime. I am concerned about how he will fall asleep without nursing since he's starting to wean. Any advice about how I can start getting to him fall asleep in other ways in a relatively painless way? thanks!

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    "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" suggests that you can nurse and then hand baby off to a partner to snuggle with until baby is needing to nurse again, then hand baby off again, etc. Gradually, in this way, the author suggests that your lo will be able to fall asleep with out nursing.

    I wish I could offer some personal advice, but my ds still nurses to sleep. I've heard that often- at least with natural weaning- weaning and falling asleep on their own occurs around the same time. Perhaps, if you wean gradually and keep your night time nursing until the end, this might happen for you?
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    My daughter (20 months) still nurses before going to sleep . . . but it doesn't put her to sleep anymore (hasn't for months). We changed the bedtime routine so that after nursing, dh comes in and snuggles her to sleep . . . works great at the moment--she loves to have him "on call", he emjoys some one-on-one time, and I get a few minutes to surf the internet . . .

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    Ditto on the above posters...my 13month still nurses to sleep, but occassionally he is learning to fall asleep on his own. I never thought I'd see the day...I have been talking to him and trying to create a lying down routine that is consistent.. we lay down after reading our nighttime books, I sing the same songs, and then talking about how we lay down, rest, be quiet, feel sleepy, close our eyes... I think it might actually be working (only occassionally, but I'll take that over never!)

    Have you checked out the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley? She has some great and very realistic tips/insights about nursing babies and their sleep habits.


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