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Thread: 11 month old refusing EBM!!!

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    Default 11 month old refusing EBM!!!

    I am trying to pump wean and slowly weaning DD from evening & week end day feedings then will attempt the nights last. Anyway I went back to work full time when she was 5 weeks old and my mother has been my child care provider. Although she has always refused a bottle from me she has never refused one from grandmother. At 10 months old I told g-mom to start mixing 1/4 cow milk with EBM for week then increase to 1/2 and 1/2 for week and so on until she could just drink cow milk during day and in turn I could "pump wean". Well everything was fine for almost 3 weeks and out of the blue she refused bottle of 1/2 and 1/2 mixture so tried just EBM ...nope not even that so now she has giving up bottle and has gone to sippy cup completly. Which is a good thing however she still refuses EBM or mixed milk in cup. She will not have anything to do with it at all but as soon as you change it to juice or water she will drink it. What gives She eats good so I not to worried about that plus she is still night nursing 2-3x. Just wierd after so long for her to not want EBM but will nurse.

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    Default Re: 11 month old refusing EBM!!!

    I have a similar situation. I am away from my DD all day at work, and for the past couple of weeks she has been taking only 3 or 4 oz of EBM in a bottle (from her dad) during the day. We have just started trying to give it to her in a sippy (she also drinks some water from a sippy occasionally).
    We also had previously mixed in a little cow’s milk, starting at about 11 months. Like you, we thought we would try to start the “pump weaning” process. Also, I was having trouble keeping up my supply of EBM and did not think it was worth it to try and wean her to formula for less than a month! She drank it up for the first week or so, also. I wonder if mixing in cow’s milk has something to do with it since it happened to both of us.
    I have been trying some different tactics. First, my DH attempts to feed her the EBM before giving her lunch (solids). That has helped a little, but not much. Second, I BF her often when I am home to make sure she is getting as much BM as possible.
    As a side note, I have decided not to “pump wean” but have continued to pump once each day (I get about 10 ounces). The extra nursings in the evening have also helped increase my milk supply, which is nice. We’ve started freezing some again instead of barely having enough to get through each day. Now that I have extra EBM, I’m no so worried about “wasting” some in a sippy cup.
    I will let you know if we come up any other ideas!


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