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Thread: Running out of milk!

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    Default Running out of milk!

    My DS is 10 1/2 months old now and we've been BFing and pumping (when i'm at work) the whole time but my supply is starting to go down and I'm running out of freezer stash. I really want to make it to a year but I don't know if I'm going to have enough milk for him to get through the day. Is it too early to start supplementing with whole milk while continuing to BF when I'm with him? How many bottles should he be having during the day now? I'm really confused and don't want to give up but its so hard and frustrating pumping and not getting enough!
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    Hi mama. Sorry you are having troubles. It is in fact very common for working moms to have a little supply dip with the pump. I am sure your LO is doing fine though when he is BF.

    How are his diaper outputs? As long as you are getting enough wet diapers he is getting enough, and you just need to focus on increasing a little to get you through the day. How many times a day do you pump? What kind of a pump do you have? How often is he at the breast?

    A general rule of thumb is LO should have about 1 -1.5oz for every hour you are away. Here is another useful tool.

    It IS too early to introduce cow's milk. But there are things that you can do to try and boost your supply while you are still pumping at work. Try adding oatmeal to your diet, you can also take fenugreek or fennel, and make sure you are drinking lots of water. There are some other good ideas here.

    Good luck mama!
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    Have you tried fenugreek or Mother's Milk tea or oatmeal? Fenugreek helped my supply a lot.
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