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Thread: Gassy after starting solids...normal??

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    Question Gassy after starting solids...normal??

    Hello! Annabella is almost 6 months and in the past two weeks I have decided to try her on solids...she is sitting up PRETTY well..not perfectly but well, and she has had a great pincher grasp for quite a while now..definately showing an interest in food as well! I have tried applesauce and peaches and pears...ALL of which have made her VERY gassy....(and a VERY VERY stinky gassy as well!LOL) My BF and I looked at eachother after she passed some and were like "was that her???" How does something so powerful come from such a little baby?? So anyway, I just wanted to see if this was normal or not.. I decided to take a break from solids for a couple of days until I found out some more info on weather or not to be alarmed by this, she seems to have taken a liking to the food I've offered..I'd hate to stop but will if I have to if this is a bad sign..thanks in advance I appreciate any responses!

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    Default Re: Gassy after starting solids...normal??

    DD also was gassy to most of the foods when were trying for the first time ,some times she had watery poop too.Good news is now she is doing fine with all of them.My suggestion is stop giving foods that is causing gas for a month or two then reintroduce them again.It worked for me.good luck mama!

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