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Thread: Weaning to get pregnant?

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    Default Weaning to get pregnant?

    I'm still nursing my 10 mos old and don't want to wean until he's at least 1 yr old. But I still haven't gotten my period yet. I don't want my children to be too far apart in age and am wondering if it's common not to have gotten a period yet. How long does it normally take to start ovulating again?

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    It's normal to go well over a year before getting your period back. I didn't get mine until 15.5 months postpartum, which I think is pretty average. Many women get their periods back around the time that their babies start eating a lot of solid food and/or around the time their babies start sleeping through the night without nursing. If you're considering weaning in order to get your period back, you might want to start by cutting out night-nursing and seeing if that does the trick.

    Now is a terrific time to read Toni Weschler's book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Someone here recommended it to me, and I'm really glad I took the recommendation. It really helped me understand my cycle, so that I think achieving pregnancy will be easier next time around (if I can just get my husband to agree that there will be a next time!) by allowing me to pinpoint ovulation instead of just guessing.

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    I was 18m postpartum when I got my period back. I had that cycle and 1 other one 6wks later and then was pregnant! I struggled a little to get pregnant with DD1 so I was amazed to be pregnant with just 2 cycles and being open to life (we were not charting like we did with DD1 and she was still nursing at least every 6 hrs and not eating that many solids). I too recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Weaning to get pregnant?

    I envy all of you. I exclusively breastfed. No bottles, no pacis. And yet I got mine back the very next month after my PP bleeding stopped. I am not one of the lucky ones. Anyways, good luck on getting pregnant!
    ~Proud AP Mama To Natalie Ann *7/9/06* & Isabella Faith *7/6/09*~

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