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Thread: Not enough milk

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    I have a seven-week old baby who has breastfed since she was born. At the beginning we had to supplement with formula but she has been breastfeeding almost exclusively for two weeks. Now, all of a sudden, I have no milk supply. She suckles for a few minutes, and, finding no milk, she starts crying hungrily. She looks for the breast, starts suckling eagerly, and then stops, frustrated. I feel no let down and my breasts no longer leak. How can I increase my supply if she refuses to suckle once she finds no milk? Could this loss have been caused by hormones (I've started having what seems like a period). I definitely don't want to stop breastfeeding so soon but I don't know what I can do. Help!!!

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    you can try pumping to stimulate more demand...that way your breasts will create more milk. i'd recommend pumping every 2-3 hours. you can also take herbs to increase your milk supply and try eating oatmeal (see following links):

    if you feel like you need to supplement with formula, then everytime you feed her formula, you'll want to pump (for each "missed" feeding)...once your milk supply has increased, you can stopped supplementing if you're goal is to exclusively breastfeed.

    i'm not sure about the whole period thing as my period still hasn't returned, but i've read that getting your period back does affect milk supply...i think you're milk supply is supposed to get back to "normal"...but not sure how long this will take. hopefully someone else will chime in on this subject.


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    How wonderful that you have been BF exclusively for the last 2 weeks!

    What has been dd's output during that time? Wet/dirty diapers?

    It would be pretty unheard of for you to just lose your supply overnight. Could there be something else going on with dd? Could she be coming down with a cold? Ear infection? Just so you know, crying is not always a sign of low-supply.

    Keep in mind that as your milk supply begins to regulate itself, it is perfectly normal to lose the let-down feeling and also to have your breasts feel a little lighter, and not leak as well.

    If you are sure you are having your period, then it could be a dip in supply that most moms find rebounds easily with increased nursing.

    Is there anyway you could be pregnant? (Not to scare you but you said you "think" what you are having is your period...)

    Here are some links that might help ease your mind:


    Let us know how things are going. I'm sure if you just hang in there with lots of nursing and avoid the supplements, things will be fine!

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