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Thread: Possible to avoid engorgement when weaning?

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    Default Possible to avoid engorgement when weaning?

    So, we are basically done. The thing is after a few days of not nursing I'll notice pain/slight engorgment. So, when that happens I've offered to let DD nurse for a little while on both sides basically just to relieve the engorgment. But, I'd prefer to be officially done, mainly for her sake so I don't let her one day and not the next kwim? Do I just have to get out the ol' pump when I'm feeling engorged? I guess my main fear is plugged duct or infection which I've never really dealt with and don't want to while PG.

    I guess I don't even really know how it works Do I just have to let myself become engorged in order to "dry up?"

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    Default Re: Possible to avoid engorgement when weaning?

    Pump enough to relieve the engorgement. Not doing so can lead to plugged ducts and/or mastitis. The supply will slowly dwindle, especially with your pregnancy.

    Congrats for making it this far.

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