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Thread: new to exclusively pumping

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    If I am exclusively pumping, can I pump every 4 hrs during the day
    (not after 9 or 10pm) or do I need to have a set schedule like pumping at 7 am, 11 am 3 pm, 7 pm and than 11 pm? Or doesn't it really matter? Also, If I am just pumping 2 oz from each side for a total of 4 oz and I get this in less than 5 minutes on each side, is that okay? Or am I not getting the hindmilk? I know that I have OALD and have not promblems producing what I need for my 3 month old ds. The pump I am using is a medela pis backpack style.

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    you want to pump at least every 2-3 hours and pump for at least 10-15 minutes. if time is a constraint and you cannot pump for 10-15 minutes, you should at least aim to pump for a couple minutes AFTER milk has stopped coming out.

    you want to pumping sessions to mimic the time when you'd actually be feeding your baby...so aim to pump every 2-3 hours...then again, this would also depend upon the age of your baby (e.g., younger babies nurse more often).


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