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Thread: Is this what child-led weaning looks like?

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    Default Is this what child-led weaning looks like?

    DD is 27 months, so I highly doubt this is a nursing strike or anything, lol. She had been nursing about once/day, usually right after her afternoon nap. Sometimes we skip it b/c of circumstances and/or she doesn't ask or whatever. But several times over the past week, she'll wake up and ask for mah (her word for nursing), and then a few seconds later she changes her mind and asks for a cuppy of milk, or a cuppy of juice, or crackers, or something else. That part is not new. What IS new is that now, once she changes her mind about mah, I can't bring her back to the idea. I'll ask her if she wants some mah first, and she'll repeat the non-mah request. Even if I sit her down in the chair w/ me and show it to her, she pushes it away. I am 11 weeks pregnant but I still have plenty of milk, on both sides (despite not having used the right side for several weeks now). Another thing is that while DD has never been a slow nurser (even as a newborn she was an "eat and get it done" baby and didn't nurse for longer than 10 minutes), on the instances where she DOES stay in the mood for mah, she's done after only a minute or two.

    We've had a wonderful nursing relationship thus far, and I was kind of looking forward to tandeming this fall (and who knows, maybe it could still happen), but I'm not sure how to feel about her different behavior. I'm so SO glad I had DH take a few nursing pictures last month, since they may be the last ones I have w/ DD. I just really don't know what to think yet about the possibility. I thought I was ready, but I am almost crying here while typing this all out.
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    Default Re: Is this what child-led weaning looks like?

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    Default Re: Is this what child-led weaning looks like?

    I really don't know the answer to your question b/c my older DD wants to nurse until college I think.
    But I wanted to chime in with a . If you are continuing to offer and she is losing interest, that seems like CLW to me. I'd say just keep offering and see how it goes. Sometimes pregnancy changes the taste too.
    You've done great! What a lucky girl.


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