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    Lately, Tessa has been wanting me to read to her. She has this set of 10 small Sesame Street board books and will bring them to me one by one to read. It is only this set of books she wants read to her even though she has tons of other books. And read, and read, and read... I guess the stories are just short enough that they hold a toddler's attention span. Yesterday afternoon, I was lying on a blanket on the floor (AF cramps) and Tessa came up to me and wanted to breastfeed lying on top of me. Then she decided, better yet, she'd have Mama milk while Mommy read her the Sesame Street stories. She would stop nursing and get a new book every time a story finished. I wonder if I am going to have to hide these books before they make me insane. We must have read them a hundred times yesterday and today!

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    So cute. I make lots of visits to the library so we are always changing the books.
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