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Thread: Rice cereal causing sleep issues?

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    Default Rice cereal causing sleep issues?

    I had always intended to wait until 6 mths to start any solids but several factors have changed my mind. First, the pediatrician said we can start any time between 4-6 months. DD is almost 5 months. Also, I'm a wedding phtoographer and when I leave her for 8+ hours, she refuses bottles. I figured if she can start rice cereal mixed with BM, at least she'll have something. I've given it to her 4 times and she loves it, gobbles it right up. She's been very interested in our food for a while now and can sit up well, assisted. The first 2 nights I gave it to her ( before her bath / bed) she slept much better. Previously, she'd been getting restless every 2 hours and wouldn't settle until I nursed her (we co-sleep). The 2nd two nights, her sleep was VERY fitfull and she woke up screaming a couple of times. I don't know if this is teething related or cereal related. She also always has a huge BM every morning and has yet to have one today, so I think its messing with her digestion.

    Any ideas on if its cereal related? Should I wait another month until she's 6 months?

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    Default Re: Rice cereal causing sleep issues?

    Everything I read says that it is not neccessary to start any solids even cereal until 6 months or later. I don't think they cannot really digest the cereal before then. It can be what is changing her bowel movements too.
    Here is a link about this topic: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...ay-solids.html
    She could also be in the beginings of teething.
    My girlfriend started her LO on cereal a few weeks ago because her ped told her to and her LO is only 4 days older than mine. Mine is not interested in anything other than BM but I know she thinks I am depriving my LO by not starting cereal or purees.
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