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Thread: She weaned....so quickly?

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    Default She weaned....so quickly?

    So my almost 18 month old daughter Allie is done breastfeeding. I started fully weaning her last week at this time. All I did was cut out her feedings until bedtime. I work full-time so she did drink cow's milk at daycare.

    We used distraction and snacks. She only had a few little crying episodes but we got her through them. And at night, she barely wanted to nurse.

    Thursday evening I pretty much put the boob in her mouth because she was VERY disinterested! She nursed for maybe 30 seconds. Then stopped...

    And hasn't nursed since...

    The weekend was super busy for us all but she did not ask to nurse ONCE. And she's been drinking a sippy cup full of milk right in front of me. (she used to throw it back at me if I even offered) She loves to snuggle now with me and will even almost rub my chest but then give me a hug.

    Our relationship has changed...but in a good way.
    And she also started sleeping better. She slept from about 8:30pm until 6ish on Saturday and then 10pm until 7:30am yesterday. She did not wake up ONCE that night. But last night she woke up once. But once is A LOT better than several times like she used to do.

    Not sure if there's a coerlation between weaning and sleeping, but so far so good.

    Is it too early to say she's weaned? She hasn't nursed since Thursday.

    My breasts are starting to get a little sore. I'm surprised it took THIS long for them to start hurting. My OB-GYN just told me to wrap them tightly.

    I'm hesitant to start my acne medication (Solodyne) just incase she isn't fully weaned, even though all signs are pointing to 'yes'.

    What do you all think? It just happened so quickly...
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    Default Re: She weaned....so quickly?

    I don't have a whole lot of experience... but my DD weaned suddenly.
    At two weeks shy of a year old. I had night weaned her (a process that took about 2ish weeks). After a week of not nursing at night she suddenly stopped nursing during the day. Never asked and when I offered she'd get upset. I didn't push her to continue but I always left it an option if she wanted to (I'd change in front of her, we'd bathe togther, she watched me pump). If she showed the slightest bit of interest I'd let her pursue it, she never wanted to do more than touch my nipple with her finger.
    We are now 8-9 days since she went from 4 times a day to none.

    A few people on here told me it could be a nursing strike (I posted about 2 days after she stopped)... so maybe that's what it is in your case? DD never had 'strikes' so I can't advise on that. I was told it's common though.
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    Default Re: She weaned....so quickly?

    Time will tell, of course, on whether she is really totally done or not. Weaning over the course of a week isn't exactly cold turkey, and being that she's 18 months you may have just caught her at a time when she really was ready to wean and that may be why it was so early.

    I wouldn't get hung up on comparing her to others in terms of what is "fast" or "slow." My DS is 15 months (still BF) and our BF course has been anything but "textbook." I have frequently had to remind myself that everyone is different and just because he isn't totally in love with nursing like so many other LOs seem to be, that doesn't mean anything's wrong. I feel like I have been so frequently bombarded with the idea that "it's unusual for a child to self-wean before 18 months of age" that when DS seemed to be drastically cutting back (on his own) at age 12 months I was totally freaking out. This was despite my doing everything possible to prevent him from weaning. I had to keep reminding myself that just because it's "uncommon" for them to do this or that, doesn't mean it CAN'T happen. Every nursing relationship is different.
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