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Thread: He rooted and tried to latch but...

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    Default He rooted and tried to latch but...

    On DH! ARG! I was pumping this morning and DS was laying with DH right next to me. DH had layed him belly down on his chest (this is how we do tummy time cuz otherwise DS hates it). DS then begins to lower his head to DH's nipple! He kind wiggled himself down, opened his mouth and tried to latch! ARG! Why won't he do that to me!!!!!!

    Could it be that he smelled my milk (this was after his bottle, btw) and was trying to latch himself to the only nipple he could find?

    After I finished pumping (I was almost done at that point), I layed him on my chest to see if he'd do the same but he wouldn't...

    I'm so sad! But is this maybe a good sign? Even though it was DH....?

    Thanks for letting me vent ladies!

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    Default Re: He rooted and tried to latch but...

    omg !! Felicia!! I can't belive it! that IS a good sign thought I would think Just keep working on it and hopefully he will latch soon!

    have you tried taking a bath with him and being skin to skin and just try to get him to latch in there? people say it's kinda like re birthing and can help
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    Default Re: He rooted and tried to latch but...

    Well, I guess since he was trying to latch onto a human (ok, not you but still...) that is better than a rubber nipple. So, yes I would say that is a good thing!!

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