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Thread: starting my education on solids..lol!

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    Default starting my education on solids..lol!

    well...we had our 4 months appt.today..our ped suggested EBF till 6 months old and that's what we wanted too..i am wondering..
    what if he is not ready to eat at 6 months?if he hasn't got any teeth how will he be able to chew?purred foods just doesn't seem right,i mean ,it is like forcing a baby who is unready to eat ,to do so..how could a baby in 6 months pick up and eat an apple by himself? we want to go as natural as we can and giving solids to a baby cause it has reached 6 months ,or because "that's how everybody does"is not something we are really into.
    what can a baby of 6 months eat without being pureed?
    also want to know if somebody frm here is a vegeterian and how does it work for them ,not giving their babies meat.
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    Default Re: starting my education on solids..lol!

    I'm not an expert so take my advice for what its worth. Babies need purred food to get them use to the process of eating. I started my LO on cereal at 5 months and just started him on carrots last week. He needs to feel the food in his mouth and they have their own way of chewing. If they are not use to this purred food they may choke if given something too thick to swallow. Some moms start off with cereal. When you think your LO is ready try cereal. With cereal you control the thickness just be careful if my cereal is too thick my LO gags because he has a hard time swallowing. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and the ladies here are very helpful. They may be able to give you better advice.

    I am not a vegetarian so I can't help you there. I would talk to your doctor about that too. He maybe able to tell you what food have enough protien in them to replace meat.

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    Default Re: starting my education on solids..lol!

    I agree with jm and I am no expert either but my opinion is...

    there are elderly people that eat without their teeth in all the time...LOL so babies can eat but they are not ready to eat certain food becuase their digestion is not ready....thus the starting with cereal, fruits, veg...

    I was told my my ped that you will know when they are ready to eat cereal or other foods becuase you will not be able to keep up with their caloric intake...they will suddenly stop sleeping as much as they normally do and want to nurse all the time...or they want to grab what you are eating and try to eat it they are intersted in your food - watching intently...

    I also just started my 5 1/2 mo old on cereal he is doing good. I plan on introducing some fruit in a day or so after he gets the hang of this.

    you can make your own food - you can cook some vegs/fruit (apples, pears, sweet potatoes) and leave some of the water in and then put it in a food processor or mush it up ... even freeze in ice cube trays and thaw use as needed...
    I have been told that they don't like texture so much as taste its the textures that bother them...so if they don't like something the first time try it again later

    I would think being vegetarian is okay especially since meat is the last food introduced...I am sure you can do beans or other protein items the same as the fruit and veg

    Maybe some others have better or more info....i'm just begining this process...
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    Default Re: starting my education on solids..lol!

    what if he is not ready to eat at 6 months?
    Don't worry. If he isn't ready to eat at 6 months, there's no need to force him. According to my pediatrician, until the first birthday solids are for experimenting with new tastes, textures and motor skills only. They are not necessary for nutrition, as breastmilk provides all your baby needs. Even after the first birthday, expect the transition from a majority-breastmilk to a majority-solids diet to be a slow and gradual one.

    if he hasn't got any teeth how will he be able to chew?
    He will be able to gum soft foods even without teeth. And you don't need to start with purees- you can give your baby a variety of small, soft foods as long as they are in pieces too small to be choked on. Try mashed peas and beans, chunks of soft fruit (peaches, ripe pears, oranges, etc.), tofu chunks, noodles, etc.

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    Default Re: starting my education on solids..lol!

    On no meat -

    I plan to explain to LO some simple reasons that I choose not to eat meat, and hope that she agrees with my choices. "Animals are our friends!" might be a good place to start.

    There will be challenges - I'll be back with those questions too in a few years
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