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Thread: pulling on nipple and squirming...new mum confusion -any advice?!

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    Default pulling on nipple and squirming...new mum confusion -any advice?!

    hi - I have a 4 week old baby...he is happy breastfeeding, although he has bad wind, which i think is due mainly to the fact that he splutters and coughs quite a lot whilst feeding...does this sound like a fast let down?

    he also tries to pulls off quite near the beginning of the feed, pulling my nipple in the process making very frustrated noises, whilst squirming around...and then carries on...

    i have tried leaning back at the beginning to help with the choking...do you think the squirming and pulling at the nipple is because he is frustrated that the flow has become too slow for him after the initial let down because i'm leaning back?

    would love some advice - thanks
    ps. he has been diagnosed with reflux, which is now under control

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    Default Re: pulling on nipple and squirming...new mum confusion -any advice?!

    I think your situation really sounds like overactive letdown and possibly oversupply. I know both of these can cause gassy babies and the pulling and fustration at the breast sounds like typical behavior for a baby who is dealing with oald.

    Check out the link that I gave you above. Hopefully you will be able to find something that helps.

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