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Thread: I don't know how to wean

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    Default I don't know how to wean

    Hi all. My 20 month old nurses to go to sleep. I work twice a week and when the sitter is here, my DD still gets tired at her naptime - 12:30pm - but doesn't go to sleep until she passes out from exhaustion at around 3pm. Once in a while, she'll settle down and go to sleep on time but she has to have the sitter hold her for the 2nd half of the nap. Basically, she's very alert and somewhat clingy.

    I really want to stop nursing but don't want her to feel rejected. So I was happy when she seemed to be losing interest. She'd do it for ten minutes or so and then I'd put her in her car seat (where she naps) and that would be that. At night, it's usually about ten minutes and we're both lying down on my bed. She just falls asleep and then we move her into her room.

    Here's the weird part: because of a medical condition she has, she still doesn't know how to chew food. She's still on purees, yogurt, all soft food about twice a day and has toddler formula for the rest of her meals.

    We started feeding therapy about three weeks ago and whammo - all of a sudden she wanted to nurse more. Not only that but she won't let me put her down for her nap. She has to nurse through the WHOLE TWO HOURS or she cries like a newborn. I am freaking out because with her teeth and her general increased strength, it's hurting me a lot. Plus she really doesn't sleep well. And I have never had a good nursing position so my back is killing me.

    I will try to pull out of her mouth during her naptime and I'll even say "no more" and she wails.

    Anyone else have this with their toddler? Do you think it has something to do with her increased soft food intake? AND HOW DO I GET HER TO STOP NURSING? I really don't want to go cold turkey on her since I don't think that's fair.

    Any advice, tricks, etc would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: I don't know how to wean

    Hi there,

    I don't have any experience with nursing a child with a medical condition so all I can offer is from my experience. Maybe your lo needs the extra touch/nursing right now more for comfort than for nourishment. Maybe the therapy is stressful for her?

    I know my lo does this very often. In fact we're going through a phase now where he will sometimes nurse at night like what you described your daughter did at her nap time, the constant nursing for hours. It IS SO irritating sometimes to nurse so long you get touched out!!! Sometimes I just have to vent to my husband!!

    Maybe you can contact a LLL leader in your area? They might have better advice than I do. Or have you tried reading some of the nursing toddler books that LLL recommends? I just ordered one online and I'm hoping it helps some. Nursing a toddler is very different from nursing a little baby. I have never had to wean and I'm hoping the book has info on doing that gently.

    I hope all goes well for you!
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    Default Re: I don't know how to wean

    Yes, I'm guessing it might be emotional. It's just so strange that she suddenly won't let me put her down because she's clearly unhappy trying to sleep on the boppy pillow. She's just too big for it. I guess we'll have to lie down for naptime as well.

    Thanks for responding!

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