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Thread: Tips on drinking milk

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    Default Tips on drinking milk

    My lo is almost 14 mo, and is slowing down on nursing. She has never really asked to nurse, I have always had to offer. She is down to nursing 2-3xs a day, and honestly I don't know if she is getting much milk. She is starting to take more water through her sippy cup, but isn't even drinking a whole cup throughout the day. I have been trying to give her some cows milk, but she hates it. I have tried to heat it up, but she won't take it. She is eating yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese.

    Any tips on how to get her to drink some cows milk? Because I really don't think she is getting enough milk from me.

    Also she wont eat any green veggies. Well any veggies for that matter, only fruit, dairy, and toast. I feel like I am feeding her the same thing everyday. Any suggestions??

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    Default Re: Tips on drinking milk

    We're kind of in the same boat as you, down to nursing a few times a day and my LO won't drink CM. I don't worry about it because he eats yogurt and cheese and gets his calcium through that.

    Also, you can try calcium fortified OJ as well.

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    Default Re: Tips on drinking milk

    I have a friend who flavored her toddler's milk with some strawberry yogurt and made it kind of a smoothie. She drank it through a sippy cup with a straw. Then she slowly added less and less of the yogurt until it was just milk and now her lo just drinks it plain.

    I just kept offering at mealtimes. My lo kept throwing it off the highchair over and over and over but now he'll drink a few sips. It helps for us if he isn't given water or juice before I offer milk. Maybe b/c he's thirstier. Also he's more apt to drink anything from a sippy if we've been outside running around and he's worked up a thirst.

    As for veggies I'm in the same boat. The only veggies my lo will even eat are the frozen mixed ones boiled and butter added. And then only if he's in the mood, I guess, otherwise he does what we call the "windshield wiper" on the tray of his highchair and sweeps it all off! Try to keep a sense of humor about it and don't push. Keep offering and soon she'll be eating them up!

    Oh and I also know a woman who makes smoothies with milk, avocado and peas mixed with fruit so that her toddler drinks her veggies. I have never tried it but her kids drink tons of those kind of "veggie smoothies" and really have no idea that there are carrots in the mango ones etc. She tries to make the veggie match the fruit in color when she blends it so that the color is attractive. Works for her!

    Good Luck!!
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    Default Re: Tips on drinking milk

    My friend's little boy had the same reaction to CM (in fact, he still won't drink it and he's 6) and refused all but the night time feeding. In the end, her dr suggested that she offer expressed milk in a cup, and it worked. That way, she knew he was getting all the nutrition he needed.

    I don't know if that's an option for you or not. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Tips on drinking milk

    If it helps, I don't worry too much about giving cow's milk. Different things that I have read and heard suggest that it's really not that good for you, anyway, because it's pasturized and comes from such a large animal. My son hasn't had any cow's milk, ever, we gave him goat's milk after he stopped nursing at one year. Now he LOVES yogurt and cheese and has up to 2 bowls of yogurt a day! So, he gets his calcium from the yogurt and cheese. Also, I am nursing my 8 mo. old, so I will hand express, or pump a little bm now and again for my toddler. I hope that helps.

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