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Thread: Nursing and going back to work

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    Default Nursing and going back to work

    I'd just like to hear from some of you who work and nurse your babies. I went back to work today (I work Tues., Thurs. and every other Friday) and would REALLY love to nurse my twin boys until they are one! How has this worked for you? Has anyone been able to do it for a whole year?
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    I'm SO thankful for support I've recieved nursing--I never could have done it without!

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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    Congrats!!!! Breastfeeding twins!!!

    I haven't done it for a year. I just started back at work 7 weeks ago. My sis was able to do it with both her kiddos. And I work with a women who has nursed her baby and worked over a year. I hope you have much success with the twins. I imagine it's challenging, is it?
    for over a year now!!!

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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    This is my 2nd child that have nursed and had to return to work. I nursed the 1st one for 10 mo. (he weaned on his own and I was pregnant). It was tough, I had some VERY ROUGH moments. and I won't lie, around 7-8 mo area I had to supplement. It is posibble.

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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    I can proudly say I have done it! My DD is 20 months now and I had to go back to work at 9 weeks. She received only breastmilk until 6 months and then has continued to nurse. She's still nursing now, about 4 times a day.
    It has been hard at times because I wanted so badly to be at home with her.
    I am a teacher and I pumped 3 times a day during her first year of life. Now, as she is nursing into the 2nd year of her life, I pump once a day for comfort as she doesn't need as much milk from me. She eats solids but does not drink cows milk yet.
    I've heard people say doctors and teachers have the hardest time pumping at work, so I am living proof that you can do it. I had someone cover my class for snack time, then I pumped again at lunch and planning time. The 2nd grade kids must have thought my black pump bag was a laptop because I told them I had to go to meetings. They must have thought I went to lots of meetings!
    Hang in there! You can do it! You'll find some tricks of the trade to help you out.
    One I used was I didn't wash my pump parts after the last session of the day, I just washed at home and that saved time at work and saved money as I used less of the little pump wipes. Also, I had a hands free bra thing so I could grade papers or email while pumping at work. Lifesaver!
    Best of luck to you! If I can offer any other tips, just ask!
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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    you can do it mama i was able to work and nurse my lo for 13 months. i interned at a school and was able to pump in a room in the nurses office. i know mamas who have done it longer when they worked in an office and could pump three times a day too. just talk to your boss and set up a schedule. You Can Do It Mama

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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    I've only been back at work for 5 months now, but we're still going strong. I plan to BF until Abby decides it not what she wants anymore.

    I pump twice during the day and don't wash my parts until I get home. I also have my shields and bottles put together for my first session and then just switch out the bottles after the first one for the next time. This helps me to save time. I also wind my tubing into the front compartment (I have a Medela PIS) instead of unattaching it after every session. I'm able to use the physical therapy room in my company's medical department. The nurses are really nice and think it great that I do such a wonderful thing for my LO.

    You can do it!

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    We made it to a year and we're still going strong

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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    ! I'm working, and have been since DS was 2mo. I won't lie, it hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. Of course, the immunological & nutritional benefits are priceless. But the most important thing to me is the connection we get through nursing. Being able to reconnect with him (by nursing) after being away is the most wonderful thing in the world.

    Here are some things that have helped me along the way:

    I switched from a Medela PIS to the Medela Freestyle (coolest pump in the world, check it out http://www.medelafreestyle.com/). Suddenly, I didn't need to be by an outlet to pump (there's a built-in rechargable battery), and I could even move around while pumping (the breastshields can be hooked onto a nursing bra, and the pump hooks onto a belt, and weighs less than 1lb)! This saved my behind during several growth spurts, because I could do extra sessions in the evening while getting chores done. I also got to see DS more - and saved babysitting $ - because I did my final pumping of the day while driving to pick him up. I didn't have to choose between pumping & eating lunch, since I could easily do both at once. It's also a lot easier to take apart (for cleaning) than the PIS.

    I put my breastshields in the cooler bag with my milk, so that I didn't have to wash them between pumpings. I found extra room by combining each pumping session's "output" into a single bottle, so that I had fewer bottles in the bag.

    But here's the biggest thing -

    While it's great to have a freezer stash, you only need to stay one day ahead of your LOs. My freezer stash went up & down depending on DS's growing & my stress level. Eventually I stopped worrying about it. And just when I was feeling like it would always be a struggle (to pump enough), it got easier - around 9mo, DS started eating more solids & taking less milk when away from me, and at 12mo he went down to 1-1/2 bottles a day.

    You can do it, mama, and we're all here to help you!
    Imma to AA, born at home 11/12/07 , juggling , working, APing , cloth diapering , - and . I'm done - yay!


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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    Wanted to chime in as another working/pumping/nursing mom. I'm a physician, I work very long hours and my days are very very unpredictable. I pump three times a day in a 12 hour shift (I have NO problems with supply at this point) with a Medela PISA. I just shove my horns into the fridge between sessions and clean them at home. I leave my pump at work and carry a cooler back and forth and a bag with pump parts.

    I felt so happy Saturday morning. I walked in the door from work, my DH was feeding my DS a little bit of milk (had gotten very fussy and DH wasn't sure when I'd be home) and my DS saw me (he's 3 months) and spit the bottle out, grinning up a me, because he knew what I represented. After a long night at work where I had struggled to find time to pump, that moment really encouraged me. I think of pumping as a way to maintain my nursing relationship with DS for as long as possible, and though it is extremely hard work, it is the best job I have right now!

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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    Hi, there.

    I'm going to bump up your post to the "working" forum so that you can get lots of replies.

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    Default Re: Nursing and going back to work

    I went back to work when my son was 9 weeks old. I pumped at work until he was a little over TWO years old. So... you CAN do it!

    Good luck to you.

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