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Thread: Milk Supply has dropped suddenly at 13 months! Time to wean?

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    Default Milk Supply has dropped suddenly at 13 months! Time to wean?

    Hello Gals,
    I need to help and advice. Last month my daughter turned one! I was so proud that I made to it BFing that long. Knowing all the problems I had at first with a low milk supply, I'm still amazed. However, I have a new kink in the story. The past 5 days my milk supply has diminished. My daughter for a few nights stopped nursing at night. Of course I was happy, or so I thought, however my supply went out the door! She always was a huge night nurser and had a soaked bomb of a diaper in the morning. I would have 4 really good wet diapers a day. Now it's dropped down to 1 or 2 really wet diapers. Of course I change her more than twice a day, but I'm just estimating because the diapers are not that wet anymore. When I went for her 1 year appointment, I asked out of curosity to the doctor how much she should be drinking if she was so wean before her 1.5 year appointment. He said 16 oz's of milk. I really doubt she is getting 16 ozs of milk right now!
    She eats good. 3 meals a day. I'm just worried she is getting dyhyrated from not enough fluids.
    My other problem is I've been working on a sippy cup with her since she was 8 months or so. I've always given her water, but she has always seen it as fun more than anything. She sucks any liquid I give her out of the cup and then lets it run down her. She will do this over and over and over and over till I take it away. This week because of the lack of wet diapers I gave her some vanilla soy milk (this is what I plan to put her on when she weans), thinking that possibly something with more taste would make her swallow, but it doesn't.
    Her overall disposition seems fine. She is happy, playing and eating. Again, I'm just worried that she is not getting enough fluids. What could cause my supply to drop like it has? Was it the night nursing sessions, I assume it is? The past 2 nights I have woken myself up on purpose and fed her, but even that the diapers are not as wet as they used to be. What do you all think? Any suggestions? Pumping is not an option for me, I've never been able to pump any amount to write home about. Thankfully I am a Stay at home Mom, so I never have had to worry about it. Will I be able to get my supply back up, or should I really focus on weaning her?
    Thanks for listening and your time. I value all of your input.

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    Default Re: Milk Supply has dropped suddenly at 13 months! Time to wean?

    Congratulations on nursing beyond a year! What a great achievement!

    I don't think for a moment that it is time for you to wean (unless you want to). As long as you are not pregnant, not on a new form of hormonal birth control, and you continue to nurse on demand, your milk supply will not spontaneously vanish, even after night-weaning. It may dip, but you will not dry up.

    It sounds like your daughter is still relying very much on what you provide for her liquid intake. If she was thirsty, I am sure she would drink from a sippy. And I agree with you that 16 oz of milk/day sounds like a lot- which is why it is so much easier to continue to nurse. If you are nursing your baby 3-4 times a day, she is getting enough from you and you don't need to push cows milk or soy milk. And, personally, I would not push the vanilla soy milk, because that stuff is generally packed with extra sugar.

    So why isn't your baby producing as many soaked diapers as she used to? Perhaps she has just learned to hold her pee a little longer. A lot of kids do, and I think it may coincide with learning how to sleep through the night- the baby learns to hold in her pee, and all of a sudden she isn't being woken up by a wet diaper, so she sleeps all night long.

    Has your period returned yet? If not, this supply drop you seem to be experiencing may be a sign that it is about to come back.

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    Default Re: Milk Supply has dropped suddenly at 13 months! Time to wean?

    Yes, my period has returned, but that was back when she was 6 months old, so I don't see that as a factor. No changes in birth control for me either. I just can't shake the feeling that she is not getting enough! Maybe she is starting to hold her bladder longer, that is one thing I did not consider.

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