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Thread: pre-natal vitamins a year later?

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    Default pre-natal vitamins a year later?

    So my pediatrician says as long as I'm nursing, I should continue taking my pre-natal vitamins. Well my insurance company doesn't cover them, and I'm wondering at this point, does it really matter? I could just get a generic brand of OTC women's vitamins, right? Is anyone still taking their pre-natal vitamins? I only want what's best for my little one, so if pre-natals are best, of course, I'll keep shelling out the cash!

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    Default Re: pre-natal vitamins a year later?

    you can buy generic otc prenatal vitamins as well

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    Default Re: pre-natal vitamins a year later?

    You can get OTC, generic prenatals in the supermarket, and they don't cost any more than OTC women's vitamins. At 1 year, I am sure you could switch to OTC women's vitamins without having to worry, especially if you add in a bit of extra calcium and make sure to eat some iron-rich foods every week.

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    I still take prenatals, I just pick up whatever is on sale at the grocery store or drug store when I run out.

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    Wink Re: pre-natal vitamins a year later?

    Thanks all! I'll definitely get some OTC pre-natal vitamins today. Appreciate your responses!

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