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    hi i am new here. i have a 5 month old son i am breastfeeding..i have had oversupply from the beginning..my baby has lots of gas and does'nt sleep more then an hour in a row night and day..i am doing block feeding one side every 2 feedings.it seems to be getting better as he gets older and eats more..does anyone know usally how long it takes for os to regulate usually?can os be the reason he is not sleeping properly or is it normal baby behavior at 5 months still?
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    I swear I have an OS and my 4 week old does these exact same things.
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    I just posted on another thread that I had read that os issues tend to regulate itself by 3 months. But I would definitely put a call into a lactation consultant (a good one!) to confirm that. With my 3rd child, I blocked nursed one onside for 2 nursings. With my 4th, I am having to go 12 hours. Every child is different.
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