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Thread: Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

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    Default Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

    I'm expecting my 4 th child in June, and want to bf (the others were all on bottles). I guess I just want to know if it's possible! - I have a severely disabled 9 year old, a 3 yr old and an 18 mo, so the idea of feeding in a sling to keep hands free sounds great, but I'm concerned about keeping energy levels up, and keeping myself fit enough to deal with the others! I seem to be hearing lots of negatives, hence trying here, I just wondered if anyone had similar experience? Pls tell me I'm not alone! Thanks for reading

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    You CAN do it!!!! It's actually easier (once you get the hang of it) then bottle feeding! No bottles to wash, no formula to run out of, no additional doc trip b/c your kid is sick, etc. I only have one LO so I just wanted to jump in and say we are here for you with all questions and to offer my congratulations and good luck!
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    Thankyou! Really want to try hard with this, pretty sure this will be my last chance Energy levels and discomfort are the 2 main things i keep getting stuck with - any golden rules or products?!

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    Default Re: Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

    I agree with the PP. Don't get discouraged if it seems like more work in the early weeks...once you get the hang of it life will be so easy !

    Welcome and good luck, mama!

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    Default Re: Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

    This site was my bestfriend when I had my 1st son. I tried with my daughter, but only lasted like 6 weeks. When she hit that growth spurt, I was so uninformed I just gave up. Do have an option of taking a breastfeeding class at a local hospital? That's where i started and through that class I learned of this site. THe class gave good basic/starter info. Then once baby came, I was on here for clarification of EVERYTHING!!!

    here are some good videos to watch too...
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    Default Re: Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

    Preparing to Breastfeed
    Even though breastfeeding is a completely natural way of feeding your baby, knowing how to do it properly is a learned skill and takes practice. How can you prepare for a successful nursing experience?

    Take a class.
    Most hospital’s and birthing centers offer a variety of classes to new mothers on parenting, birthing and breastfeeding. Check your local offerings and sign up in advance. Classes often fill up rapidly, so don’t wait.
    Read good books.
    Many excellent titles are available to answer all the questions you forgot to ask your health care provider (and those you were too embarrassed to). Consider, “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding,” by Gwen Gotsch, Anwar Fazal, Plume, Judy Torgus.
    Think about what you’ll need to make life easier.
    Breastfeeding has the advantage of being the most simplistic way of feeding a baby—no bottles to wash and carry or formula to buy. But that doesn’t mean a few well chosen accessories can’t enhance the experience. Will you want others to be able to help with feedings, or do you have plans to return to work after your baby’s birth? A hospital-grade breast pump might be in order. Might you be more comfortable during long nursing sessions having a nursing pillow or foot stool? How about breastfeeding in public? Consider the options of a sling or nursing cape for discreet public feedings—and don’t forget to be sized for a properly fitting nursing bra.

    Birth and Beyond
    Your baby has arrived and you’re ready to put all your months of preparation to the test. Remember:

    The lactation consultant is your friend.
    Many hospital’s and birthing centers (and pediatrician’s offices too!) have lactation consultants on staff that will be happy to get you and your baby off to a healthy start in your nursing relationship. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with a consultant for practical, hands-on advice about the mechanics of breastfeeding.
    Keep score.
    Unlike bottlefeeding, you can’t measure how much milk your baby is getting through breastmilk, so keep count of your baby’s wet and dirty diapers to make sure he or she is receiving adequate nutrition. Although it is very rare a mother does not produce enough milk to feed her baby, if you have any questions, be sure to contact your pediatrician.
    Give it time.
    Nursing your baby is a dance that takes time to learn. Though some babies are champion nursers from the beginning, many new moms find it takes some effort to perfect the skill. The first few weeks are often the most difficult, but if you experience problems, don’t give up. Given the right assistance, the vast majority of woman can successfully breastfeed their babies. Meet with a lactation consultant or attend a local La Leche League meeting. Utilize the support of other nursing mother’s.

    Most of all, pat yourself on the back for making the choice to give your baby the best start in life you can offer, and health benefits that will last a whole life through
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    Default Re: Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

    You CAN do this mamma!

    Have you considered going to a LLL meeting before your baby is born. You may be able to meet some other moms who have a similar situation as you and offer support and advice.

    Make sure you have a strong support system, you will need it in the beginning. Remember that the dishes and the housework can wait. Have help on hand for taking care of the other children if it's possible. You will need a lot of time to nurse your baby and get your milk supply established.

    Come here for support. I wish I would have known this site existed with my first child. The women around here are not only smart, but helpful, loving and very supportive!

    Congrats on your pending arrival! Let us know how things are going!

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    We have been nursing for over 2 years now!

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    Default Re: Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

    I've had an easier time feeding my baby in a wrap rather than a sling....my 8 week old has figured out how to flip out of his sling....
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    Default Re: Advice for a very nervous newbie?!

    You can totally do this! You will find a ton of support on here, these mamas are really wonderful. Definitely make sure to see an LC and don't be afraid to voice any questions or concerns you might have! Both before and after the birth, and any other time you feel like you need some help. Making sure to have somone else around whenever possible to help out with your older kids will be a huge plus too. Stay as well rested as you can, exercise regularly as soon as you feel ready for it, eat well and drink plenty of water. Try to avoid stress as much as possible. This had a huge effect on my BFing relationships. Also since you're having a summer baby, try to spend some time outside! I know I feel a million times better and have a lot more energy just going out for a walk in the sunshine. Congrats on your new LO!

    Oh and I totally agree with PP-I had a much easier time using a wrap than a sling. Everyone's different, so you might not have a problem with it, but if you do, definitely explore other options for hands free nursing.
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