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Thread: Mucus in stool

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    My 5 month old always has had runny/mucousy/curds in his stool..and i have os/oald also..i thought that is what was causing that to his stools or is it definatly a sensitvity to something in my milk???

    He has had stool samples done a couple months ago and there was nothing in them..like no blood or virus..i have tried elimanating fruit and dairy for a few months but it didn't improve at all..but i know milk protien is in lots of food so maybe i didn't eliminate enough.

    so i guess i'm just asking could his stools be a result of os/oald or is it probably a sensitvity?? Thanks!

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    Well it's been over a wk and his poo is the right color always. Still runny/thin. Doesn't seem to be as mucusy. If any at all. I'm back to block feeding, although I already was. I'm just making my blocks bigger. I was feeding on one side each time; now doing two feeds on one side. I still think he's teething. Now he gets red cheeks. Not all the time. Is that normal? I know they are, but is it constantly when teething? Or is it touch and go? He's gaining weight great. Lots of poo/pee diapers. I think it's a combo of the oald/os and teething. He doesn't seem so cranky anymore. I believe he was going through a spurt too. He's almost 5 mo, but was 3 wks early so a 4 month growth spurt could be part of it. He all of a sudden stopped sleeping for more than 2 hrs at night. Ugh. Last night was the 1st night he slept for 4 hrs again. I was almost beside myself until I realized this could be normal. Someone turned me onto the book The Wonder Weeks. Seems to make a lot of sense. Now I am rambling. LOL.
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    Glad to hear things have gotten better. When DS wakes up more often at night, its always hunger.
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    Sometimes, along with distractability comes the exploring stage and babies will increase their night nursing to help compensate for any daytime decrease ('cuz they're too busy exploring, playing, etc.). Also, nighttime nursings can increase just because baby is needing to "reconnect" with mommy. How wonderful that breastfeeding can be so many things. Things will certainly improve with time. "This, too, shall pass..." is a common mantra.

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    Thanks for sharing chellebelle. My 11 week old is doing the exact same thing. Mucous poop, both green and mustard colored, constant pulling off while feeding, and extremely fasy... huge manly farts. I visited my lactation consultant today. She said give it one more week to see if things clear up on their own, if not, ill have to take action.

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