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Thread: 3 month old pulling off boob

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    Unhappy 3 month old pulling off boob

    Hi all, hope someone has an answer!

    First, a little bit of background info may help. Ds is 13 weeks, I had a bilateral reduction at 20 (now almost 28), an emcs with him, and a Tongue tie that was finally picked up at 4 weeks. We've had a tough time of it, but after a lot of stubbornness and tears, we're getting there.

    Thanks to a great hospital consultant and domperidone, we are finally ebf, but this week little dude has been on each boob for 5 mins a piece before coming off of his own accord. I'll relatch him, but I get 20 secs tops. Now, maybe he's become a really efficient feeder, but it's making me twitchy. I've tried burping and relatching, waiting to see if he gets hungrier, but the only feed he is on for a length of time is first thing. He's following his centile line well so he is putting on, but this fussing, yet wanting to suck (after he pulls off he wants a dummy for 20 secs or so then spits it out all smiles) is confusing me and getting me down after i worked so hard to get us here

    Thanks in advance x

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    Wow, you must have worked very hard to reach this point! Kudos on the hard work.

    As long as your LO's diaper output is normal, the fast feedings are normal, too. Is he really fussy after unlatching? Or mostly happy and smiley? If the latter, he may just need a change of scene, a trip out of doors, a ride in the sling...

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    I hate that I don't have any advice, but I'm in the same boat with the unlatching nonsense
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    Daughter has been driving me craaaaaazy with the unlatching! Seriously, it's like suck-swallow-unlatch, root-relatch, suck-swallow-unlatch, repeat ad infinatum until I want to It's not my flow (which has final calmed down),and it's not that she's done (b/c she lunges for it almost as soon as she's let it go). She's not getting distracted, although she is easily distracted and will unlatch and stay that way if her brother is doing something interesting. Just something I have to weather through I guess.
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