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Thread: projectile vomitting - need advice!

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    Default projectile vomitting - need advice!

    My baby is 5 months old and this morning she projectile vomitted ALL OVER the place. It looked like almost everything she must have consumed. She did this twice before, but those times, I believe it was due to over eating and was a month ago.

    Is this normal or something I should be concerned about. She's bottle feeds (bm) during the day and nursed when I'm home from work.

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: projectile vomitting - need advice!

    just one time I wouldn't worry too much
    IS anybody else in the family sick?

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    Default Re: projectile vomitting - need advice!

    I was always told projectile vomitting = go hospital

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    Default Re: projectile vomitting - need advice!

    If it's a one time thing I would not worry at all. However I it becomes more frequent then I would contact your pedi.

    My second was a projectile puker, and it was nothing series.

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