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Thread: Is it OALD or food sensitivity? Please help...

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    Default Is it OALD or food sensitivity? Please help...

    So I am flummoxed and frustrated. My little guy will sometimes have nice, quiet nursing sessions, but more frequently he'll nurse for 3-5 minutes, then pull off. I'll burp him, get a big burp, and then he'll start crying. Sometimes he'll have spitup, too. Then I'll put him back on the breast, he'll latch on eagerly, suck a minute, then cry some more. Every time I try to burp him he'll just cry and spitup.

    He does a lot of holding his breath and grunting during and after nursing at these times. He gets really upset and pushes away from the breast with his arms while he's reaching for it with his mouth. He kicks his legs and hunches forward. It takes him a long time to calm down - often the pacifier will help while offering him my breast just makes it worse. He won't relax. He'll spitup for up to an hour afterwards.

    I know I have some issues with OALD - because sometimes when he pulls off (or when I pull him off to check) I spray milk in his face. Today I've been nursing off one breast for three feedings in a row - the second feeding was quiet, but the third one was all of the above.

    So I'm wondering if it's more - could he have food sensitivities, like dairy, too? But if that's the case, then wouldn't he have pain and discomfort at every feeding instead of just some of them? Also, my husband gives him a bottle once a day or so, and he doesn't have any tension issues then. He relaxes pretty well and doesn't spit up that much. So that would seem to tell me it's a let-down issue and not a food sensitivity issue.

    I feel like if I could just get him to relax, mentally and physically, that he'd be less uncomfortable, but I have no idea how to do that. I'm afraid it's just getting worse and he won't want to nurse. Help???!!!???
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    Default Re: Is it OALD or food sensitivity? Please help...

    It could be OALD. It could also be reflux. But it may just be the gastro-colic reflex. That is, when babies are feeding, their intestines get stimulated and they grunt, pass gas, and sometimes seem like they're in pain. The good news is they grow out of this.

    Here's some info on OALD. You can try some of the remedies here and see if it makes a difference. If you think its reflux, you could ask your doctor about this.


    I hope some other moms will chime in with their good advice.
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    Default Re: Is it OALD or food sensitivity? Please help...

    the milk spraying in his face sounds like a claasic sign of oald. if you can feel your letdown, pulling off for a minute and spraying into a cloth might help him deal with that forceful burst.

    good luck!

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    Default Re: Is it OALD or food sensitivity? Please help...

    some babies are just fussy also, and you never do figure out whats going on...

    there are some hints to figureing out ger here

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    Default Re: Is it OALD or food sensitivity? Please help...

    Just to let you know that you are not alone! I could have written that post, word for word. You described my DD down the very last detail! I have come to the conclusion that it is OALD. I try to pull off if she seems to be having problems, and spray into a burp cloth. Then I try again. She normally only feeds for about 8 minutes and then after burping, which is done with crying etc, she generally wont have any more. I am just hoping she grows out of it......

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