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Thread: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

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    Default how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    My little guy nurses all the time when ever he wants. I don't really have him on a schedule. I'm just wondering about him eating meals. We usually sleep in most mornings so he nurses during that time. During the day he will have a banana and maybe some toast, but he mostly nurses all day to. He does eat good for dinner. Some days all he does is nurse and play. He weight is good. But sometimes I feel that i don't feed him enough. Is it ok for him at this age to nurse way more that he eats, ans sometimes only nurse and have a snack?

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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    according to kellymom, ideally, at 18 months 50 percent of a baby's nutrition should come from breastmilk and 50 percent from solid food. But rarely are things ideal, kwim? Here's a link with some info about toddler nutrition

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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    My DD is almost 16 mos. and gets most all of her calories from BM. She mostly plays with her food, occasionally eating a large amount.

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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    DS is very consistent - with his inconsistency! Some days he eats like there's no tomorrow, some days he mostly wants BM (or EBM at the sitter's). If I'm not around, he is more likely to have a "food" day, but not necessarily. I figure that eventually he'll get more settled, and I remind myself that his "food" days are gradually increasing. And then I tell myself how lucky I am that we bf - at least I know he's getting all of the nutrition he needs on a daily basis, no matter what else he eats!
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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    My dd is 17 months old. Here's what she eats most days.

    -She breastfeeds frequently through the night (trying to night wean)
    -5:30am half to whole bowl of flavored oatmeal with whole milk
    -11am (daycare) sippy of whole milk, fruit, yogurt, and half sandwich or a Gerber Graduate meal
    -3ish snack (banana or Cheez-its)
    -4ish breastfeeds when we get home
    -5ish dinner (most times she eats a few bites but other times she wolves it all down) I guess it all depends on what I make.
    7ish oatmeal again before bath/bed routine
    8ish-breastfeeds until bedtime

    Routine continues...

    Hope that helps.
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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    w/pp on the inconsistency. dd will be 17mos old next week & nurses on demand, but our day goes somewhat like this:

    nurses in a.m. before waking & around 8am once awake
    10am-ish- breakfast (usually raisin spice oatmeal & diced peaches)-continues to snack on this a bit while she runs around
    noon-ish- -nurses & takes 2hr nap
    2-ish- lunch time- varies
    5 or 6 sometimes nurses
    6:30-7- dinner
    sometimes a snack after
    9pm- nurses- bedtime
    midnight- nurses while sleeping

    since 10/10/07
    and still going...

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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    Between the ages of 1-2 you can breastfeed as much and as long as the toddler and mommy want. They certainly go through stages of nursing more and eating less, especially working on all those last teeth coming through.

    Keep offering solids first, perhaps try small snacks throughout the day instead of meals. Vary the foods you're trying, and keep on keepin' on!!

    It wasn't until my DS hit 18 months that he REALLY started eating foods. And even now some days he would rather nurse.

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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    Thanks moms, your post help. It seems like I'm on the right track. I think I will try to offer him some fruity oat mill in the AM. I was trying to give him malt-o-meal but he stopped liking it after a while.

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    Default Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    Sometimes they will grow tired of a certain food if you are constantly feeding them the same thing. Mine hated the pureed carrots since that was what I primarily fed him when he first started on solids. Now, he will eat carrots that are not pureed but have been boiled or steamed for a long time until softened.

    PP was correct in the nursing/teething pattern. My son seems to want to nurse more when his teeth are coming in.

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