I am returning to work soon and have been trying to give my DD a bottle of EBM a day (well, it's been more like every other day) to try to get her use to it. She has no problems wanting the bottle from me or my DH (though my DH is normally the one who gives it to her), BUT it is taking her FOREVER to drink anything. We are using the Dr. Brown and Born Free bottles and I am beginning to think it's not the bottle/nipple, but the way she is sucking on it. Even with a pacifier, she has problems keeping it in her mouth if I do not hold on to it. It seems that she uses her tongue to lap at it instead of really sucking though she really wants the milk. My DH is getting really frustrated since it is taking her over an hour and a half to drink 3 oz!! We need help because she will never get full at this rate and we just can't take that long with her at each feeding. Any advice or thoughts on what might be the problem? Also, do you think we can switch to a faster flowing nipple even though she is only 2 months old?