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Thread: 4 MO Snacking at Work

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    Question 4 MO Snacking at Work

    I already wrote this and it got erased so I'm going to keep it short this time. Also cross-posted in BF your infant forum.

    I have a question what you might do if you had my situation!

    - Head teacher at daycare & baby is in the room next door
    - She is EBF and won't take a bottle (since 2 mo), though DCP only tried once.
    - I BF her on 3 20 minute breaks which is "pushing it" compared to other BF moms who take 2 half hour breaks.
    - I BF her during my class nap time.
    - I BF her around 4, 4:30, & 5. Our classes combine so baby gets fussy for breast.
    - She won't nurse past 1st let down, crying and pulling away - thus the snacking instead of eating more all at once.

    Q: How might I coax her into taking a 2nd let down?
    Q: What tips or approach might I help DCP trying to give baby bottle?

    I hope to hear any thoughts you might have!
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    Default Re: 4 MO Snacking at Work

    Have dcp try a bottle before your lo is in the crying, frantic I'm starving mode.
    Try holding in different positions, ds1 would only eat seated facing away from the bottle giver...ds2 would only eat if the bottle was tucked up under their arm so it was in as close to the position of the real thing as possible.
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    Default Re: 4 MO Snacking at Work

    She took the bottle! She gave it before she was starving

    Took it twice. Think things are going to go better now (esp. with my peace of mind).
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