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Thread: Weaning advice needed (26 mo twins)

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    Default Weaning advice needed (26 mo twins)

    My twin boys are 26 months, and I'm beginning to think about weaning. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready. But nursing is beginning to feel a little weird given their age, and I'm running into some challenges. My boys, although not biting, seem to use their teeth, leaving me sore. They've also started wanting to nurse alone, leading to occasional tantrums if one starts nursing and then the other joins in. Occasionally one will try to push the other off.

    So, I'm somewhat wistfully starting to think about weaning... But I have no idea how! I kept hoping they would self-wean, but I don't think that's going to happen. These are incredibly mommy's milk addicted boys. And nursing is so much a part of our routine. We bring the boys into bed with us in the morning to nurse first thing after they wake up. I nurse them before bed. And on days when I'm home from work, they frequently ask (ok, they're 2, demand!) to nurse.

    I'm also worried about timing with so many changes coming up in the next year (potty training, preschool, probably big-boy beds).

    Any advice? I'd appreciate any helpful hints.


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    I feel your pain and uncertainty -- I have just one mama milk addicted, demanding, frequent nursing 23 month old. I'm not ready to wean yet, but I am definitely noticing some subtle (and not so subtle) changes in my feelings about nursing... Check out the info. on the stickies for more about weaning, and hopefully there will be a few more responses here, so that those of us who are lurking in the weaning wings can learn, too...
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