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Thread: Does this seem "normal"?

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    Default Does this seem "normal"?

    My little guy is seven and a half months old and he absolutely LOVES to eat. He will eat whatever I will put in his mouth! Right now I give him a pureed fruit and oatmeal cereal for breakfast and a pureed vegetable and rice cereal for dinner. He eats about three tablespoons at each feeding. Occasionally he will have something like a biter biscuit or a couple of wagon wheels as a snack in the afternoon, but that happens about two or three times a week. He would definitely eat lunch if I offered it, but I was curious if that would be too much for a baby his age? He still nurses a lot throughout the day with no problem.

    Do any of you have babies around his age? Should he be eating more or less or does this seem about right? My older son is eight years old and I don't remember how much he ate at this age!

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    Default Re: Does this seem "normal"?

    We are doing a BLS approach, so it's a little different in that I don't keep track of how much she has eaten, per se. I just keep offering until she's clearly done. That's a big part of BLS, trusting baby to eat until they are full, regulating their intake much as they did at the breast.

    I don't know how that translates for purees. I would *think* that as long is he is nursing well and he maybe takes a little break mid-meal to let his body register a feeling of "fullness", offering more should be fine. Just trust your gut Mama, you'll know if you need to back off the solids.

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