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    I think I have a picky eater.

    I'll start by explaining I'm no longer bfing due to a medical problem

    So DS is 12 months old now.

    He completely absolutely 100% refuses baby food in the jars... he hates it.

    Pablum is is hit or miss, some days he will some he won't.

    Right now he has 2 slices of whole wheat or multigrain bread and real fruit jam for breakfast, then usually some fruit like bananas and maybe some berries or chopped up grapes for lunch, then usually mashed vegetables for supper.. usually cooked white or sweet potatoes, peas, ect..

    We are doing the BLS because of his absolute refusal for anything baby.. now, anything I'M eating, hes whole hog Except, of course, when I try eating baby food for him, to trick him. No way, he is TOO SMART.

    I'm concerned because he might not be getting enough iron.. yet formula is iron fortified so one would think he was ok? He's down to two sippys of milk(about six ounces) and one at night(between four and six ounces) and I'm fine with that as hes maintaining a good weight even though he gains very slowly.. hes just not a big baby (hes about 19 and a half pounds)

    I also need some ideas here, for what to feed him. Easy things I can pick up at the grocery store, things he will like.. what fruits and veggies are safe, or is everything safe at this point?

    He eats three times a day, and I usually have cheerios out for him to graze on, although so far he just likes to make a big mess out of them

    Some days it seems he exists on nothing.. but i will say for the days he doesn't actually eat much he seems to drink an extra sippy or two of juice, so i GUESS hes still getting calories.

    I am just running out of ideas!
    Mama to JerBear, the rough and tumble kid, 18 months.

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    At this point Nolan eats pretty much everything that we eat...which is good in the sense that he has a wide range of choices and experiences with food, and then because we are so adamant about feeding him only the best (i.e. organic, healthy ingredients) we in turn eat better as well.
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    If he's getting formula, I wouldn't worry about iron. Formula has plenty of it. And I also would not worry at all about his refusal to eat jarred baby food. Let him eat off your plate- it's a great way to model healthy eating habits, and 12 months, I think your kid can safely have anything you're eating.

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    thank you ladies
    Mama to JerBear, the rough and tumble kid, 18 months.

    All done nursing, all done pumping. Raising a toddler with food aversions and doing my best to deal with three painful conditions!

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    My DS also refuses baby food. He hates it! I can't say that I blame him. He wants to eat what ever I'm eating which is very easy for me. He loves yogurt though and will eat a lot of that. He also refuses a sippy cup and wants to only drink from my cup. I thought this was strange at first but it sure does save money and is a lot easier on me!!
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