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Thread: Help! 8 month old wont eat

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    Default Help! 8 month old wont eat

    My 8 month old girl wont eat... She started solids very well at 6 months and loved it. She eats lumps ok, and has loved everything i have ever given her. She loves to feed herself so we have taken the BLW approach along side spoon fed which has worked well for both of us. Recently she has become a mission to feed. SHe will eat 2 or so mouthfuls then starts "blowing rasberrys" and spitting food everywhere... Arching her back etc.
    I am trying to stay as calm and possible and be very patient but now i am become anxious as to whether or not she is getting enough food. She has started waking in the night again hungry and i guess because she isnt getting enough food due to the rejection of solids.. any advice is welcome
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    Default Re: Help! 8 month old wont eat

    If she's night waking, my guess is that there's something else going on, teething, milestone, maybe she's coming down with a bug? Or mayne she's bored with what's on offer? Does she get lots of variety?
    Solids in the first year are really for experimenting with texture and taste. And raspberries are fun to blow, especially with food in your mouth!

    Try not to stress Mama, BM will meet her needs and I'm sure she'll start eating again soon. Just keep offering, and don't make a big deal out of it.

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