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Thread: MOBI motherhood, question about supply

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    Default MOBI motherhood, question about supply

    I don't have supply issues, but I am training to be a DOULA. I came across this site and wodered if their iinformation about supply issues is real? I've heard that only %5 of woman CAN't breastfeed and that low supply is from lack of feeding on demand. Their site talks about medical reasons why you may have a low supply. I'm looking for a yes or no answer as to whether their site is accurate in their information


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    can we realy come up with a % number when there are so many factors that go into breastfeeding on moms side and babies side.
    low supply could also come from a baby that has a bad latch or other feeding problems.
    this looks like a good article from that web site that lists a bunch of causes: most there would be not much you could do to correct the problem but things like hormonal birth control could be avioded.

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    I saw that website also and I'm very curious to find out if it's accurate!

    My story is very similar to Naomi's 1st breastfeeding story (if you read the mothers' stories... I also posted my own story a while ago here, I think it's on page 2 now). The only big difference was that I didn't use the SNS. No one was able to tell me why I never got engorged and why I couldn't produce more than .5-1 oz at a time. I worked with a ton of LCs. I have normal breasts and my DD had a perfect latch. She was a lethargic, drowsy nurser but that wouldn't cause my milk not to come in.

    After seeing that site, I'm starting to wonder if I was borderline anemic or have a hormone imbalance or something. I had my thyroid tested years ago and it was fine, but some people develop thyroid problems when they give birth.

    It's an intriguing website for sure! Most of the other breastfeeding resources make it seem like mothers with low supply just didn't try hard enough (I DID try hard enough, argh!). I've just been so frustrated because I want answers and nobody has any ideas, but MOBI seems promising.

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    I think I have read somewhere that it is only 1% that actually can't breastfeed. Ok I just found this site http://www.parentingweb.com/lounge/myths.htm it says 1-3%.
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