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Thread: Question re gumming food

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    Default Question re gumming food

    I have a strange question. I am wondering how other bf mamas' LOs reacted when they were given non-mushy food. Did your LO pick up the idea of gumming it right away, or did s/he try to swallow things whole?

    You can just answer, or you can read my explanation:

    I am asking because of a strange experience I had today. I had a day off, and my friend brought her 8.5mo over. First of all, she had forgotten to pack a bottle, so I loaned her one. I used one that came with my Medela pump rather than one of DS's "shaped like mama" ones, but the little girl still had a hard time getting anything out (because it is a slow flow nipple & needs some real suction to work). My friend commented that usually her DD finishes a bottle in 1/2 the time it took her this morning.

    We were eating, and talking about feeding babies, and I was explaining how we are doing BLS. My friend told me that she only gives her DD purees because she doesn't understand about gumming food yet. My friend thinks it's because she only has 2 teeth, but I began to wonder, because this is my third bottle-feeding friend to have a baby with this issue.

    I am wondering if she doesn't know about gumming because she has barely had to work her jaw muscles to feed herself for the last 8.5 months? Of course, I didn't say anything of the sort (and I wouldn't), but I am curious to see what bf mamas' experiences with gumming food were.

    My experience was that my DS was gumming food before he had any teeth.

    Looking forward to hearing from other mamas, plus any advice I could pass on to my friend to help her DS figure out how to gum food!
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    Default Re: Question re gumming food

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*imma2nonstopaa View Post
    My experience was that my DS was gumming food before he had any teeth.

    Maybe she could give things that are longer, like carrot, that the baby HAS to gum in order to break any off. If it is long enough I can't see the LO shoving the whole thing in there and trying to swallow whole.
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    Default Re: Question re gumming food

    In my experience, my DD didn't get her first tooth until she was 10.5 months old, and by that time she was almost exclusively on table food (and mama milk!). She definitely had the "gumming food" thing down pat, and would mush stuff up in her mouth before trying to swallow (usually). On occasion she would try to swallow stuff whole, or put too much in her mouth, and I would just watch her closely and she would just cough it up if she couldn't handle it.

    I also have a bottle-feeding friend (gave up on BF after 2 weeks ) who says she's afraid to give her LO any real table food because her LO has no teeth. Her LO will be 1 in March! I tried telling her that a baby's gums are VERY hard and that teeth aren't really necessary for them to be able to chew stuff up, but it's hard to convince people when they have their mind set on something like that. Anyway, I politely told my friend my thoughts on the issue, then just let it go.
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