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Thread: weaning advice please

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    Help! I am just starting to wean my 1 yr old, and am having such a difficult time. The problem is that ever since my son was born he has refused to take any bottles or sippy cups (he drinks water, juice and such through a straw), this han't been a problem until now, since I've been at home with him. BUT, now that I am ready to start weaning, I am having such a difficult time getting him to take milk. He'll drink it through a straw but, it dosn't seem to provide him the relaxation that sucking gives him. He always needs a breast to fall asleep. (Bad habit, I know - kicking myself now for allowing it)

    I started with one feeding, it's only been a couple days, but he cries and cries and refuses to take the milk (I have a Nuby soft spout sippy cup, that I figured would be close to a breast.) and will eventually wear himself out and fall asleep. What can I do to ease this transition for him?

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    if your child is eating lots of solid foods there realy isn't a need for lots of cows milk from a bottle or a sippy.
    I wouldn't try and force him to drink cows milk. Just offer and if he wants it thats fine and if he doesn't thats fine too.
    Start with one feed and replace it with a snack of solids if he isn't willing to take the milk.
    nothing wrong with needing the breast to fall asleep, if he still needs that hes not ready to fully wean. The nap time nursing should be one of the last ones to go followed by bedtime and then you'll have a fully weaned toddler.
    breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing, and even a little bit of milk at bedtime will give the baby some of the benfits of nursing.
    Some babies will nurse just at bedtime and nap time for a long time and be very happy doing that. As long as you are happy and baby is happy thats whats important


    heres some info on weaning

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    Did he just turn one? After my dd turned one I felt she should be able to take a sippy cup (never took bottles) but it took a few more months before she was very good at it. She got good at it suddenly, but it was well after her birthday. Then she took vanilla soy milk more willingly than cow's milk (Though she liked cows milk too) And she liked them both warmed up a little.

    Now weaning off the breast, well I know you need to be be patient and consistant.. but we've yet to wean... almost 2 and a half years old. We HAVE nightweaned though. Yeah!

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    I also did the nurse to sleep thing with my son. It's so easy to do early on--the no crying method for getting your child to sleep! Gotta love it! However, I recently started to "wean" him from that, and it's been successful, for the most part.

    I just started putting him to bed when I knew he was full & tired. He'd cry for a bit, and I'd go in and sometimes I'd sing to him or pick him up and rock him...Then I'd leave again. You know the cycle. It takes a couple of days of a lot of crying, but he got it, and goes to sleep on his own much easier now.

    I will say, though, that it's not for everyone. Some don't like to hear their babies cry like that when they know what'll calm them. Do what feels right to you, and then don't feel guilty about your decision.

    I hope that helps.


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    Default Re: weaning advice please

    How often is your baby currently nursing? Usually the nap and bedtime nursings are the last to go. Does your baby like other dairy products like cheese or yogurt? If so, he can probably get plenty of the nutrients you'd like him to get from those and not really need to take much milk from a cup. As a pp suggested, it may work better to offer him more solids and replace the nursing with another emotional comfor (reading books with you, rocking and singing, etc.)...or just hold onto those bedtime nursings for awhile longer til he seems more ready.

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