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Thread: I feel like my supply is decreasing...

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    Default I feel like my supply is decreasing...

    I'm nursing DD and then pumping... Overnight she nurses one side and I pump the other. Normally I get an oz and a half to 2 oz on the side she doesn't nurse... Now I'm getting 1/2 oz. Yes, I know that pumping output means nothing in terms of supply but when you're having to express milk to supplement, it matters! It took me 3 pumpings just to get an oz and a 1/2 so I still had to add donor milk from my friend.

    WTH? I know her latch is jacked up and she's not nursing as well but seriously? I'm pumping after feeds and this is what's happening?

    I'm going to buy an SNS today... I will keep this baby at the breast regardless. Besides, I think it would help to nurse both sides and then insert the SNS tube so she stays at the breast for her supplement. I think she'd take less supplement that way too because she'll have the comfort of the breast as well.

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    Default Re: I feel like my supply is decreasing...

    Have you thought about taking some fenugreek to see if that helps your pumping output at all?

    I know when I used the SNS I always fed her first on one side, then on the other, then when she was pretty much done the second side I would slip it on. I found if I put the SNS on too early she took far more supplement and it also negatively affected my supply. Having said that, using the SNS to begin with really didn't help my supply because my body wasn't getting the indication that she needed that extra milk, so I would just keep producing pretty much what I was before. If in your case supplementing is necessary it is a good method to use.
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