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Thread: Poop patterns once solids have started

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    Default Poop patterns once solids have started

    Sorry Mamas, another poop thread. Do we ever stop obsessing over our babies' poop?

    So I know that EBF babies don't go every day, and Roxie was pooping every 2-3 days for the longest time. We started solids at around 6.5 months, and the last couple of weeks she has really gotten good at actually eating!

    My question is this: once they are actually taking in enough solids to "change" their poop, how often should they be going? Her pattern seemed to be almost every day once she amped up the solids, and now it's been a couple of days so I'm just wondering. Do you just keep an eye out for constipation, or should they be going every day?

    Thanks LLLadies!

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    Default Re: Poop patterns once solids have started

    I was very close to asking the same question. I think I've relaxed about it a bit now though. My LO was never regular (sometimes going up to 6 days without pooping). When I started with solids I eagerly anticipated the first poops and when she went 3 days without one, I became quite anxious. However, her poops are no more solid and the only difference is bits of undigested brocolli, carrot and sweet potato can be seen. She's self feeding so she doesn't yet eat a huge amount so I'm not sure what to expect if she's being spoon fed larger amounts of food. Anyhow, I now figure that as long as the poops are not too solid and she's not in pain when she does them, it must be OK to go a few days without a BM.
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    Default Re: Poop patterns once solids have started

    As long as her poop is soft, don't worry about it. Do watch out for hard pellet poop though. My son had some constipation when he started solids, and it was really hard to watch. He kept grabbing onto our fingers, squatting and screaming, so it was pretty obvious he was uncomfortable. We backed off on the solids for a week or so and then added them back in slowly. So, if you notice that she's in pain or her poop is hard then you can try to back off or try some of the p foods (peaches, pears, plums). If she seems fine and her poop is soft, then don't worry about it.

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