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Thread: Bottles and Going Back to Work

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    My little girl is almost 2 months old and I'll be heading back to work. I've tried a few bottles all with slow flow nipples- Playtex premium nurser, the medela bottles and Born Frees. She ate 4 oz one night and an hour later wanted more. That seems to be the case whenever she eats from a bottle. I'm trying to find a slower flow bottle. When I increased the ounces she had a little spit up which is rare for her. She goes 3 hours during the night and day sometimes 4 hours, but cluster feeds before going to bed for the night.

    At this point I'm not sure how much to put in a bottle to send to school with her. I feel like I should do a few days of practice runs, but the idea of not breastfeeding her breaks my heart.

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    If she's spitting up, she's probably full, but wants to comfort suck. My little one is the same way and doesn't want a paci. My DH knows this so he does other things (singing, walking, back rub) to help him get comfortable.

    There is a formula on Kellymom.com that helps you calculate how much to give at each finding. My lo is 7 weeks and at most he'll drink 3 oz. DH says before bed he drinks the most. other times its about 2.5 oz.

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    I use the glass evenflo bottles with the nipples that come with them. The nipples are thick and he really has to work hard to get anything out. you could try them...
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