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Thread: Mint tea?

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    Question Mint tea?

    Has anyone tried mint tea for an oversupply? My baby started out in the NICU and my production just way outpaced her after a week or so (no one warns you about oversupply which doesn't help!). I remembered reading that you shouldn't drink mint tea when breastfeeding because it reduces supply and thought it was worth a try. Maybe it's my imagination but it does seem to reduce how quickly I get engorged after a feeding, and after I drank it my LO spent more time feeding (instead of being stuffed after 5 minutes while I was still ready to explode!).

    I don't want to overdo it, so I just used one tea bag and waited a few days (after which I was having oversupply again, so I tried another one today with the same effects). Anybody else tried this?

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    Have you tried block feeding or slowly weaning yourself down from over pumping? It can take awhile to tame down a supply. Those would be things to try first, sometimes it's hard to predict how you'll react to herbs!

    You'd probably have to seep some pretty strong peppermint tea bags to really get it lowered, but if it worked a little bit and that's what you need it might work. Usually you need more of the oil, Altoids seem to work well since they are pretty strong. Use with caution of course.
    Sage and Parsley will also lower a supply, but don't use the essential oil with those.

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    How old is your LO now? Is she able to EBF yet?

    It is very common to have oversupply in the beginning. Are you have issues with the OD like plugged ducts or mastitis? Are you freezing the overproduction? Will you be going back to work? I had massive oversupply with our LO, and it took him a couple months to get the hang of BF. I ended up using all that i had frozen and then some.

    Your body will regulate soon I am sure...If it is still early I would just be careful trying to lower your supply before things have "calmed" down, kwim?
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