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Thread: How do I relax?

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    Default How do I relax?

    I know I need to relax and stop letting it all get to me...

    DD isn't really growing... She's stalled in her weight gain (she was born at 7lbs 9oz, dropped to 6lbs 12 oz and is 7lbs 10oz at 1 month) and her length is only a bit bigger than birth... She was 20.8 inches at birth and is 21 inches now.

    She's otherwise healthy... ouput is good, she's meeting developmental milestones. Her color is good, etc.

    The ped really freaked me out today, talking about how what concerns them when gain is slow like this is that their heads don't grow and their brains don't develop. I'm thinking this was more a scare tactic than anything but it really freaked me out!

    But I know that my stress makes her stressed and that hinders her growth and gain too. I need to relax and just let it all take it's course. We aren't supplementing yet (with formula anyway) and won't unless in a few weeks her gain still isn't good enough. She's getting her tongue clipped next Wed and we are starting her on meds for reflux as well. Those 2 things are hindering her gain/growth. We're supposed to nurse every 2 hours around the clock. I'm going to push that to 3 hours at night because well, a rested mama makes more milk. I would block feed to ensure she's getting more hindmilk except that she's nursing both sides at a feeding. I always start her on the breast she last finished though. How do I make time to pump if I'm nursing her every 2 hours ALL the time? I can pump after the feed sometimes but I do have an older child and I do need to take care of myself too. Do you think 2 power pumping sessions a day would work enough to increase my supply, along with her nursing every 2 hours? I'm thinking once in the AM, once in the evening.

    So tell me how to relax and just let nature take it's course... I keep trying to tell myself that my body nourished and grew her during pregnancy, surely it can do it now too... But I guess in this 'need to control everything' world that doesn't work... I know that I need to just trust in my body and my baby but it's hard when they say she should be growing and she's not. It's hard when there are these 'standards' your baby should fit into... And who's to say that formula would make her grow... Right?

    Looking for some reassurance. I've come to terms with the idea that I may never be able to exclusively breastfeed or that I may need to nurse and supplement with pumped milk.

    Lord, I just want things to settle down... First the c-section, then the tongue tie... Then her getting sick and in the hospital for 3 days... I just want normalcy so that I can achieve the nursing relationship that my child and I deserve to have.

    Thanks for any insight you ladies may have!

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    Default Re: How do I relax?

    Mama, you're doing fine. Don't let the ped scare you. Mine wasn't gaining much weight at first either, though I didn't understand it b/c she looked like a little butterball. Reflux meds took care of that. At that time she was still EBF...this was before the ordeal of the nursing strike. I have a hard time relaxing too but it comes to a point that I say, "Honey if you want to continue to have a sane wife you will take care of the kids for an hour while I take a very long shower and groom myself". And he does. I know it's hard not to worry but keep trusting yourself. If you're worried about not spending enough time with your older child try letting him/her curl up with you and baby during a nursing session and read a book to them. That will help with jealousy too, so double whammy. Let us know how the weight gain goes!
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