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Thread: Supply - is it over?

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    Default Supply - is it over?

    I posted here about whether or not I'd need to pump on my business trip - well, I pumped once over about 3 days and got about 2 oz total.

    Needless to say that is NOT what I expected. I knew DD had slowed on the nursing, but for me to only get 2 oz after missing 3 nursing sessions?

    Since DDs nearly 2 I'm not concerned or anything, but I am curious if this is normal...

    And, now I know those nursing sessions are for comfort
    to keep my sanity!

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    Default Re: Supply - is it over?

    bella.mom, I hope you and your daughter both did OK while you were on your trip.

    There are two things that might apply here.

    1. A child is much more efficient at extracting milk than even the very best pump. That you only pumped 2 oz. doesn't mean that's all she is getting when she nurses. She probably gets more.

    2. Milk supply follows supply and demand and constantly changes to meet the child's needs. I wonder if you ever had a time when your daughter was sick or teething and needed to nurse a lot more frequently than normal. If so, you might have noticed that your milk supply quickly increased to meet this increased need. Now that you are back home, her suckling may return your supply to its previous level (if it did dip, which may or may not be the case, see #1).

    I hope that helps! I'm glad to hear you didn't have a lot of discomfort on your trip--or at least I assume you didn't since you only needed to relieve the pressure once.

    My best!

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