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Thread: Becoming embarrassing and annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*green.momma View Post
    What is bioidentical progesterone?
    Its progesterone that is nearly identical to the progesterone you produce. Progestin is the hormone that is made to mimic progesterone but really it is nothing like it, and acts to stop your body from producing progesterone. Progestin causes anxiety and depression, progesterone prevents it. Progestin is found in nearly all hormonal birth controls (including mirena), and I believe is directly responsible for both of my bouts with post partum depression (coupled with my already low level of progesterone following birth). If I ever get the chance to test my theory by having another child, I will start taking bioidentical progesterone within weeks of birth.

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    Well, the Dr's solution to everything was to wean. She won't even do any hormone testing as "all the levels would be off due to BFing". Duh, that's kinda the point! When I mentioned we were thinking about TTC and wanting to go off the Zoloft, she merely said "okay, we can try that" but didn't give me any idea of how to go about it. She seems to think the whole problem is just BFing, even though I've told her I had issues long before giving birth. She said some women are just this way and are prone to depression. So basically she refuses to address the problem. I'll have to go back in a week or two once I have the results from my tests (just the standard lipid, etc) At least she agreed to test my iron and my thyroid. What do I do? Do I demand next time that she do the hormone testing regardless? I have days where I'm still moody as all get out WITH the Zoloft, if I wean off of it to TTC, how am I going to be able to deal then? I feel so defeated right now, part of me just wants to .

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    No advice, just lots of !

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