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Thread: Worried about low milk production

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    Default Worried about low milk production

    I have a three month old son, I have been working for a month and a half, I have notice with in the last week that my milk production is low. I have been eating oatmeal in the morning drinking about 96oz of water a day, eating about 5 small meals a day. When I had first started pumping i would get about 5oz of milk each time I pumped, and I would pump 3 times a day 9am, 12pm, 3pm. Now I have been noticing that i will only get about 3oz every time i pump. i have just started taking fenugreek tea to increase my milk supply. but want to know what is a safe about of tea to drink and how long can i take it. my son has been wanting to eat more and i feel like i cant fill his tummy up. Help i dont want to change him to formula.

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    Hi mama!

    You are doing all the right things...it is just sometimes an unfortunate side effect of going back to work and all the stress that comes with it that supply can dip a bit.

    When you are home do you EBF?

    You could try some additional herbals like fennel (helps with let down) or alfalfa. There are some good ideas here and here too.

    Another thing that I would do when my supply was dipping was a power pump. That's 10 mins on, 10 mins off for an hour. I would do this at the same time every night, for about a week. That really helped a lot too.

    What kind of pump are you using? How old is it? Also, check the parts on your pump. The valves and membranes typically need to be changed about every 6-8 weeks or so. Even the smallest crack can affect the suction.

    And you could bring an article of clothing to smell or pictures of your LO to look at...sometimes that helps too.

    Good luck mama! I know it is stressful!
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