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    Hey Ladies! I have a quick question for you all! I am sure every one has asked this before and I have read other posts relating to this but I feel my situation is a little different so here goes....I was able to stay home with DS for 12 weeks and exclusively BF. I also pumped after most feedings to obtain a freezer stash for when I went back to work. Now I am back at work and pumping 3 days a week while I am there for 12 hours a day (I am a nurse in a NICU). Most days I get 12-14 ozs while I am there..Is that ok? Also I have never really felt a let down sensation but since I've been back to work (and being around all those babies) I have a tingling sensation in my nipples either right before I need to pump or why certain babies cry! Is that a let down? I know some women experience pain when their milk lets down but I never have so far. I just want to know what I am feeling and if my output is adequate for a WOHM. P.S. I let DS nurse whenever and "almost" wherever he wants when we are together...and I never work more than 2 days in a row. I have the Medela PIS...TIA, Laura
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    I am all the time and while at work!

    I am loving and plan on doing it for as long as he needs to!

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    That sounds like awesome output from the pumping! My milk supply is great now but I can rarely get more then 3oz a day from the pump.

    I never feel my let down, except like you described. Once in awhile I feel an odd tingling in my nipples and from her gulping know that i'm having a letdown.
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