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Thread: DH is imposing a deadline

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    In addition to all the other good advice you're getting here, I am wondering what would happen if you gave over the care of your son to DH for a few hours, just so he could see how much easier bf makes BOTH of your lives...(not to mention your baby...)

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    Thanks for all the advice. We're on vacation this week, so I haven't checked in. As far as the bedroom issues, our sex life has been pretty lacking, but it's not due to breastfeeding. DH gets up for work at 4 am and goes to bed between 8-9. Most nights, that's before the kids. He usually goes to be while I'm putting DD to bed. By the time DS goes to bed, DH is fast asleep. He's not uncomfortable touching my breasts when the opportunity arises.

    Since we don't really have any friends/family that breastfed longer than a few weeks, he hears alot of comments like "babies who get formula sleep through the night" "My baby cried all the time until I gave her formula" "We were all raised on formula and we're fine" and so on. I had a friend saying to me "Just give him one bottle. One bottle won't hurt." I wouldn't cave and I'm so glad I didn't. He could have had a very serious reaction.

    I honestly think his issue is that his family and friends are going to start making comments.

    I have to go, but I'll check in after we get back from vacation.

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    I'm BF my 2yo and I told DH I wanted to BF until she self-weaned. He wasn't very happy with the idea, especially cause I was PG with my now DD#2. So after a few "fights" I sat him down and told him how important this was for me. He understood and never bothered me again but I know he's uncomfortable with what people might say. So I told him, and I think that's why he accepted it, that we didn't have to announce it to everybody. This is our personal decision and we don't have to tell people if he didn't want to. My DD#1 wakes up crying she wants to nurse in the middle of the night even tho she's night weaned. I know that not telling people was the turning point because I hear him talking to friends about DD#1 sleeping issues and instead of saying she wakes asking to nurse, he would say something like, she wakes and wants mommy LOL

    May be if you talked about his feelings with him, telling him you don't have to tell anybody. I know it's harder with a 1 yo cause they still need to nurse very often but after a few months you can set limits and tell him you'll nurse him when you get home or in the car, etc.

    I know how hard it is, :

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