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Thread: Toddler/Preschooler Check-In

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    How fun! Never noticed this thread before but I have loved catching up with the LO's I do know, and getting to know the ones I don't.

    Child's Age: 2 years, 7 months
    Approx. height/weight: not sure- she broke 30 lbs a few months ago and she is taller than most
    Are you weaned, weaning, or going strong? weaned
    Sleeping and napping patterns: sleeps 12 hours most nights, almost always through the night. naps 1-2 hours in the afternoon but is fine if she misses and sometimes just doesn't
    Teeth: 2 yr molars just came in- all at once and without me knowing
    Talking yet? oh yes, and handing out lessons as she goes. her preschool teachers have her speaking Spanish and it is getting harder for me to keep up
    Favorite food: fruit of any kind, fishsticks, spinach, waffles
    Favorite toy: books I guess
    Favorite activity: coloring, making a cake out of blocks, pretending to be Dora and Boots
    Anything else special to share? I love her more every day. She is very loving, determined, independent, and single minded at times. Her memory blows me away and she won't let you get away with anything. Ever!Imaginative, friendly (yet prefers to play alone), and LOVES her dogs, probably more than anyone else. Almost potty learned except for pooping. Cannot wait to be a big sister.

    Loving my two sweet girls Audrey (7/18/06) and Annie (6/18/09) Baby #3 due to appear 8/5/10

    Feel free to ask me about my successful HBAC , food allergies, cloth diapers, and the joy of having a high-needs, non-sleeping little dear who has grown into a wonderful preschooler.

    Blogging here.

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    Child's Age: just over thirty months - he'll be three in July
    Approx. height/weight: not sure on height, but he's just over 36 lbs
    Are you weaned, weaning, or going strong? I like to think we're weaning, I'd like to, but he's nowhere near ready
    Sleeping and napping patterns: one good nap around noontime for about two hours, sleeping about ten hours a night, wakes up usually once, sometimes twice to nurse, still co-sleeping most of the time.
    Teeth: all in :-)
    Talking yet? So much - complete sentences, great use of pronouns and expanding the vocabulary every day - earlier he said "remember" for the first time, he was so proud of himself.
    Favorite food: pizza
    Favorite toy: foam swords that he uses to fight with Daddy, Batman costume, toy kitchen
    Favorite activity: nursing - seriously, he loves it, anything involving being outside and running, playing 'fight on the bed' with Daddy
    Anything else special to share? Too much to sum up - he's just such a joy. Even his temper tantrums are cute - he jumps up and down with such fury and indignation, but he's mostly a happy go lucky boy.
    Mom to Jessica (2/7/03) breastfed for 8 months
    Sam (7/6/06) breastfed for three years, five months, two weeks and three days (not that I was counting or anything :-)
    Julianna (4/29/10) struggled thru nursing strike, nipple confusion, thrush, multiple cracks and fissures, a staph infection and then another bout of thrush, but happily nursing away

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