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Thread: I just nursed a 2 year old

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    Cool I just nursed a 2 year old

    My little boy is 2!!
    I never thought I would nurse him this long, a year was my goal then I thought I would wean. Turns out I'm a huge pushover I've attempted to wean him a couple times and I just don't follow through when he resists. I joking tell people "If I have to keep the buffet open for DD, what's one more guest?"
    There are times he drives me nuts, like when he is jamming his elbow in my neck trying to nurse while I'm nursing DD. There are times he hurts me trying to nurse on the run. And there are times when I look down at him nursing full of wonder and awe. How is it possible that this little baby has grown so quickly into a little boy? So much has changed since the first time I put his tiny little mouth to my breast 2 years ago, and yet nursing is the one thing that has remained constant. The one thing, that I feel is the foundation of our bond, that is still going strong at least 3 times a day for the last 730 days.

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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old

    how wonderful!!
    happy birthday to Chase!

    I'm Heather, SAHM to Cooper , born 1/2007
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    and wife to Bill since 10/2003!
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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old

    Congratulations on making it to this milestone, with all the ups and downs that you've faced.

    Nursing the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

    Mama to Daniel (12/3/06) and Lucy Jane (8/28/08)

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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old

    It's always interesting, nursing a 2 year old. One of those things that's so hard to explain why you do, it is such a selfless thing.

    So good for you!

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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old

    So sweet big boy!

    Jeanne (my middle name IRL)

    Mommy to two girls (M & M), born Sept. '07 and Sept. '09

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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old


    What you wrote is so true . Although I haven't experienced tandem nursing, nursing a two year is so different from what i ever imagined, mostly because I never imagined i would be! But there are those times when you look down and you thank God that this one precious thing has remained yours together!

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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old

    tooo sweet TFS!!
    Moma to *Silas* 10-30-07

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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old


    Mommy to
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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old

    Yeah!! Happy Day!! Enjoy the moment.

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    Default Re: I just nursed a 2 year old


    It is an odd feeling at first isn't it when they turn another year older? Then I realized there is no specific day that it isn't right anymore. Happy birthday Chase and congrats to you as well.

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